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The ultimate e-commerce conversion optimization checklist

The ultimate e-commerce conversion optimization checklist

In this Performlist we'll dive into 127 critical checkpoints that cover various aspects of your e-commerce site. From optimizing product pages to streamlining the checkout process, each point is a step toward higher conversions. Conversions are the lifeblood of any e-commerce store. They signify the moment when a visitor becomes a customer. And, by improving your conversion rate, you can boost revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and grow your business.

9 modules , 128 checks
A checklist by performlist.com
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Transform your online store into a sales powerhouse with our comprehensive e-commerce optimization checklist.
Learn how to design an enticing homepage that captures your visitors' attention and keeps them coming back for more.
Enhance your category pages for better product discovery and a smoother shopping experience.
Discover techniques to create product pages that convert browsers into buyers.
Craft compelling landing pages that turn your marketing efforts into conversions.
Reduce cart abandonment rates by streamlining the checkout experience for your customers.

Modules in this Performlist

  • General – Check the basics first

    This module helps you make sure your e-commerce website has a strong foundation. You'll check essential things like how fast your pages load, whether your website is easy to navigate, and if it's user-friendly. These basics are crucial for creating a great shopping experience for your customers.

  • Homepage – Captivate Your Visitors
    Your homepage sets the stage for your e-commerce success. Explore this module to learn how to create an engaging and inviting homepage that captivates your visitors. From highlighting special offers to designing a clean layout, we'll help you make a stellar first impression.
  • Category Page – Organize for Easy Discovery
    We'll show you how to make your online store's category pages more user-friendly. You can improve the way your products are organized and help your customers find what they need effortlessly. From labeling categories clearly to providing easy-to-use filters and keeping a consistent design, this module equips you with practical tips to enhance your category pages and increase your sales. Dive in and start making your category pages work better for your online business.
  • Product Page – Seal the Deal with Compelling Content
    No matter if you're new to selling online or you've done it for a while, this checklist can help you make your product pages top-notch and get more people to buy from your website. It's all about making your online store better for shoppers.
  • Search – Optimized Search Results Page
    Improve your website's search feature to help users find what they want quickly. Learn how to show them the right search results, make searching easier, and guide them to buy effortlessly.
  • Landing Page – Drive Conversions with Precision
    Discover the tricks to show your products in the best way, put buttons in the right places, and create a smooth shopping experience. This module gives you the tools to make landing pages that get results.
  • Shopping Cart – Ensure a Smooth Shopping Experience
    When it comes to e-commerce, the shopping cart is where the magic happens. Discover how to optimize every aspect of your shopping cart to create a seamless and shopping experience for your customers.
  • Checkout Page – Perfect the Checkout Process
    This module is all about making it super easy for your customers to buy from you. We help you simplify the last steps of their shopping journey, making it smoother and more likely that they'll finish their purchase. We'll show you how to make the checkout page clean and distraction-free, guide users step by step, and provide clear order summaries.
  • Thank You Page – Celebrate Success and Encourage Loyalty
    In this part of our e-commerce conversion checklist, we'll focus on the Thank You Page – an often underestimated tool. Learn how to make sure your customers know their orders went through, provide them with a clear order summary, guide them when something goes wrong, and send them a confirmation email.


  • You must have an active e-commerce website or online store.
  • A foundational understanding of website management and content editing is recommended.
  • You should have access to your website's backend or content management system (CMS) to make necessary changes.


Welcome to the first part of our comprehensive guide to e-commerce conversion optimization! Are you an online retailer looking to boost your sales and enhance your customers' shopping experience? If so, you're in the right place!

The ultimate e-commerce conversion optimization checklist
31% off  19,99
lifetime access 14 days money back guarantee